Two Loves

This way, that way,
each way some way,
turning back to front
or face to face
and forming
Janus masks
in mounted frames.
I loved her once or twice,
I loved him thrice or much.
With her the breasts and flowing thighs,
with him the touch of more venereal size,
the softer sigh,
the firmer hand,
the angel and the devil in the shifting sand.
To double up on love and lust,
to shirk the pedant’s curse “I will not go,”
I must recoil from singularity’s unsettling claim
and, lo, the private’s aim may now despoil
the harness and the yoke of this word, ‘one’.
Give me all the loves and steaming fires
and damp desires where labels never run,
like ‘straight’ or ‘gay’, here’s ‘come what may’:
I’ll buy my time with all who come
and ever spend the dark hours into day.



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