About Aidan

I come from the curious country of New Zealand, a people who are greatly into their sports but who are dreadfully obese, who consider themselves ‘modest’ and ‘humble’ but who never shut up about how modest and humble they are, who have some of the most liberal laws in the world but who love the fascism of right-wing governments and lobby groups, who pride themselves on being an active player on the international scene but who have not got a clue as to what is going on in their own back-yard.

I have worked as an actor, as a drama teacher, as a psychotherapist, as a journalist, reviewer, arts editor and editor. I am fairly well-known locally as a poet, appearing in five recent anthologies (and three more back in the 1980s), winning three competitions and appearing as Guest Poet at two prestigious local events. I tutor French and have a modest smattering of German. I have an IQ of 228 and a memory like a sponge!

I have always been known, even since my teenage years, as a radical, accepting all viewpoints while still expressing myself in very unequivocal tones. Everyone has their own ‘truth’ (with a small tee), while at the same time there is an absolute Truth (with a capital tee). For example, at the first planet out from the star Sirius, either there is a two-metre deep hole at the north pole or there is not: it is a Truth, even though we may never be able to determine it one way or the other. Our task in life is to search for the Truth, while not trampling over the individual truths. After all, we all hold our ‘truths’ for a reason, and unless we are able to guarantee that our ‘truth’ is at least as sound as someone else’s, we have no right to deprive others of their building-blocks of the psyche.

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