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The Single Malt

A man of manifest sorrows:
oh don’t cry like that into your jam-jar.
Drink something stronger than your doctor recommends
and die once
.                        with dignity
in a drunken corner of compatriots.
Leave this earth in a glorious Esther Williams finale
sparkling with $2.80 Whitcoulls glitter     [1]
and a script that will never dare to win awards,
a Golden Grope of the passing waitress
and a single-malt endgame.
You were my friend,
angel of the sidewalk.
Talk to them through your whiskey
till the dirt dries hard upon your head/tomb
and the cracked earth is thirsty.
A litre of water costs much more
than a litre of petrol,
so you will stick with the top shelf
and quench these days
from a drought that lasted 58 years.
The day after we buried you,
it rained.


1. Whitcoulls is a large book and stationery store.

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