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Black Beans

Under bright orange skies
i shall be unnatural;
on green and grey seas
i shall be unnatural.
I shall be unnatural
beneath red leaves;
by these black trees
i shall be unnatural.

I shall shake your hand when i’m angry
and be unnatural;
i shall tell stories of hope to the dying
and be unnatural.

Where the swing goes round and round
and the blue flame does not burn,
where the birds walk and the lizards fly
and the fish crawl upon the land,
i shall be unnatural.

You told me through your layers of lipstick
and false lashes laden with the muck of deception
that i was unnatural.

In a world of
white chocolate,
yellow tomatoes,
black beans,
purple potatoes,
i shall be unnatural.

But tell me, man of god,
whose is this ‘natural order’
that make the mean a thing unseen
and perversion be the broader?

(1987, 2008)

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